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Kick Ass at Life Bootcamp w/Laura Allahverdi is here!

DIY coaching .. the 8 week online program to get you from Lost and Confused to SURE and in your GROOVE!

If you are feeling stuck, unsatisfied or unfulfilled right now, isn’t it time to live the way you were meant to? Get back in control!

I’m Laura. Life Coach, Strategist & Game Changer. I’m here to bring you to your full potential and teach you how to master your own life. I work with people who want to make things happen in their lives but feel held back.

I pour a lot of love into giving it to you straight while I get to the root of the matter with ease (my specialty) and give you tools and strategies to turn it all around.

My private clients do amazing things like leave dead end jobs and start dream businesses, discover their true calling, find true love, reignite and better their relationships, lose weight and get in shape, buy houses, increase their revenue streams and get back their power and mojo. They learn how to overcome what’s in their way and improve their confidence, organization, productivity and life balance. They find happiness in themselves and abundance in their lives.

You don’t want to settle for an ok life, you want to live passionately. When we work together, the magic happens. What could you accomplish when you get life & biz coaching and become clear confident and in control?

I can’t wait to get started on this fabulous life changing adventure with you!

Sara first Proof[1]

I have realized that no matter what we can always rewrite our stories. Clients should be prepared for the life changes coming[There’s more…]

Sara Wright Alaska | The Happiness Hustler

Laura offers simple yet profoundly life changing tools that I was able to implement immediately that are hugely effective [There’s more…]

Aine Carlisle Cali| SpiritualSexy&Successful

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